10 Baby and Kids Halloween Costumes From Movies and TV Shows

Spooktober is coming soon and It’s time to prepare for Halloween! Alongside dressing your house with a rusty look and lots of pumpkins, you may want to prepare the Halloween costume for your baby from now. If you don’t have any ideas yet, here we have 10 baby and kids Halloween costumes from Movies and TV Shows to help you. Let’s check them out!

Where To Find The Best Costumes For Your Child

It may not be a good idea to spend a significant amount on your kiddo’s Halloween costumes as they probably only wear these items once a year. Instead, making costumes for your baby by yourself would be the most money-saving way. With just some simple materials as well as plenty of sews and cuts, your baby will get a scary-cute outfit for their Spookiest Night.

But if you are not a crafty person, plenty of online stores offer good quality Halloween outfits for young children at reasonable prices. Speaking of which, we highly recommend you visit this website to grab the best deals for your little one’s Halloween costumes this Fall.

Baby Halloween Costumes Ideas From Movies And TV Shows

  1. Batman

Batman is probably one of the heroes that have an enormous fanbase.  He’s cool and mysterious, which are pretty perfect for Halloween. He is the protector of Gotham City, who hides in the shadows to make sure its citizens stay safe. The Dark Knight has taken many terrible villains like Ra’s al Ghul, Scarecrow, the Joker, or Bane. So now it’s time for your tiny superhero to become your neighborhood’s protector in this caped crusader costume. Will they be ready for the challenges? They sure are!. Your child will be the hero your Halloween deserves in this Batman costume.

  1. Skeleton

Skeletons are a mainstay on the Halloween scene, but it’s easy to forget them among the more popular vampires, werewolves, and demons. But this Halloween, your child will stand out in a sea of familiar creatures with this skeleton costume. Let your baby have big fun jumping out of the closet and terrorizing the town when getting as many treats as possible! 

Skeleton costume
  1. Vampires

Typically when we talk about vampires, the words “cute” and “adorable” are simply unassociated. However, your little one is about to change that real quick. Turn your lovable child into the king of the night with this Vampire costume, and they’ll be so adorable that even Van Helsing wouldn’t think about hurting a hair on their precious little head!

Dracula costume
  1. Baby Yoda

There’s no doubt who the cutest baby in the galaxy is: yours. But if we had to pick a second choice, it would be Grogu, aka “The Child,” aka “Baby Yoda” from the Mandalorian TV shows. So what happens if you combine them with this costume? No one dares to challenge your little one’s cuteness in this galaxy now!

Baby Yoda Costume
  1. Fairy

We all love fairies and fairy tales as a kid. Considered to be mischievous and whimsical in a childlike manner but contain solid magical powers. They are usually of more diminutive stature than humans and are often helpful to humans but will become angry and throw tantrums if offended. Sounds just like your baby girl, right? So in case your darling looks and acts like she appeared straight out of her fairy tale, then this Halloween, give her the kind of costume that will make her feel right at home with those magical pixies.

Green Fairy costume
  1. Donald Duck

For generations, Donald Duck has been known and adored for his oft unintelligible, slurring speech and playful and mischievous character. He’s temperamental but relatable. He’s just like a boy who loves to play pranks on their friends as well as seek out adventures and excitement. So let your little cruiser look even more adorable with this Donald Duck costume this Halloween as he’s delving into exploring the world’s infinite details.

Cute Donald Duck costume
  1. Ninja

Being a ninja is the dream of many young boys. Even though it doesn’t make for a practical career choice, it is a fun character to imitate! Trying to be a ninja may bring some pretty incredible skills to your boys, such as roundhouse kicks and stealthy approaches. So if you’re going to let your son practice being a ninja, then you better be sure to get him the right clothes for the job. After all, the clothes make the man, right?

Ninja Costume
  1. Witch

Witches have been a Halloween classic almost since the holiday’s inception, so it only fits that many children choose to dress up as witches for their Halloween night. The best thing about a witch costume is that it can be scary, sweet, or something in between. But your little witch is here to cast a spell, and not even the most powerful sorcerers will be able to resist her cuteness! Witches get a bad rep for being deceptive and manipulative, but it’s hard to resist their magical forces when they are so tiny and sweet.

Girl in Witch costume
  1. Nemo

You already know how much your little one loves Finding Nemo, so they are going to have lots of fun pretending to swim around like a tiny clownfish in this cute costume. Moreover, the movie also carries the message to let children grow and tackle adventures. It’s a harsh world out there, and your kid needs to know the occasional scrape isn’t the end of the world. They’re tough little fish, and they can do it!. In addition, this makes a great family photo opportunity for you to dress up as dad Marlin or the unforgettable Dory.

Toddler Little Clownfish Costume
  1. Devil

All kids have a bit of a naughty side from time to time, but that doesn’t make them any less adorable. In fact, you have a cute little devil of your own right under your roof. Your little one is as naughty as they are sweet, as cunning as they are caring, and as aggressive as they are fun-loving. And that’s why a Devil costume is perfect for your little imp. It captures classic Halloween flair while showing their grit and style at the same time.

Toddler Boy  Little Pumpkin Devil Costume