5 Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Immune System Strong

kids immune system

Because of the pandemic, parents are paying much more attention to their kid’s immune system this year more than ever. A strong immune system gives your child a fighting chance at beating off bugs, whether it’s this year’s virus, a cold, or something more serious. Besides, whizzing up some fresh orange juice and making sure they eat their greens, what can you do to help to boost your kid’s immune system even more?

Boost Their Sleep

During this stressful time, your children may have fallen into bad sleeping habits like going to sleep later than usual, as there was no school to be up early for. However, getting enough sleep at night is very important for children, both in terms of their brain development, and keeping their immune system strong. Sleep deprivation has been shown to reduce the release of proteins in the human body called cytokines. Plus, there are foods that can help your toddlers and kids to sleep better. So, make sure your kids don’t go to bed too late. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that children from ages 6 to 13 years old need at least 9 to 11 hours of sleep nightly.

Keep them Exercising

There is no doubt your kids are really missing their weekly activities like sport at school, or the dance recitals they were training for. So, when we were all confined to our houses during the beginning of the lockdown, the only exercise available to your kids was what you could do in your homes. But, now that things have opened up slightly, there are more options. If your child doesn’t like a run around the block with you, then get them riding bikes, or playing soccer on an open field nearby.

Limit Germ Spread

This year, I’m sure your children have never washed their hands more than they have ever done. And, at least that’s one positive thing to come out of 2020, kids learning to be more hygienic! If your kids are back at school, they should wash their hands every time they enter their classes or return home. But, it’s also about washing hands before every meal, after touching pets or playing. Not to mention that they also need to learn to avoid touching their face unnecessary. On top of that, having the annual flu jab and ensuring that your children are up to date with all their vaccinations is also very important.

Reduce Their Stress

This is easier said than done. The world is a very stressful place right now, and your children are no doubt dealing with a lot of change. In this case, communication is the key. Keep in mind that any unusual behavior of your kids may not be because they are being naughty intentionally, but more because they are unable to articulate their anxieties. Therefore, encourage your kid to speak about how they feel about the situation and what makes them sad. Also, suggest some mindfulness or children’s meditation exercises as these will give them useful tools to deal with anxiety.

Have a Healthy Diet

Well, this might be a good opportunity for you to start investing more in your family meals because there is a lot of free time for everybody now. Adding some immunity-boost ingredients like garlic, spinach, or citrus fruits can do the trick. Plus, you can ask your kids to join and cook with you too. This not only gives your family more nutritious meals but also increases your bonding with your kids. Plus, here are some meal ideas for kids if you need.

Following just these tips should hopefully boost your kid’s immune system and improve your chances of getting your kids through this difficult time safely. We wish your family the best of health. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!