6 Things to Prepare Before Preschool | Toddler Tips

Going to a preschool is a new milestone for your baby development. Your child will be in a different environment, make new friends, learn new skills and have a lot of fun. Getting your child ready for preschool may seem like a daunting task. But, preparation for this process is not as hard as you think. Let’s discover things you should do to help your baby get ready for preschool.

1. Visit the Preschool

Take your baby to visit the Preschool. Have a look at your child’s classroom, the playground, meet the teachers and talk about what activities your toddler will do there. This action shows your child the environment that they will be in, allows them to get used to their teacher and will help him gain more confidence. It’ll help your child to feel more comfortable at their new preschool.

2. Raise Your Child’s Excitement of Activities

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Making your baby feel interested in their daily activities is important. Especially before they have even started. Ask their new preschool teacher for some small activities that you can plan to do at home. Children are always curious about new things. They will love to do these activities with you at home and will make them engage these activities in class with some more enthusiasm.

3. Prepare while playing

Family activities and games, like going to the park, doing puzzles and board games will also help get your toddler ready for preschool. These actions are fun to do as well as it helps your child develop the skills they need. 

4. Prepare self-help skills for your child

Independence is one of the things you want your child to get when he goes to preschool. But you need to help your baby to learn and master these skills. Try to teach your child how to wash their hands, going to the toilet on their own, putting socks and shoes on.  Social skills are important too.

5. Listen to your child.

Facing a new adventure surely makes your child excited, however, growing up and leaving the babyhood may make him feel anxious. You and your baby will share the emotions of excitement, anxiety as well. Encourage your kids, share your memories of preschool and everything will be better.

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6. Organize your daily routines

Try to organize your family schedule about mealtime, sleep time so your baby can get used to when he goes to preschool. Having a  daily routine will help him to adapt to the new environment better and make the transition from home to preschool easier.

Now you can see that preparing for preschool is not as hard as you think. Do you have any more tips? Some important life hacks to help out new preschoolers and their moms? Let us know in the comments!