Fall Baby Shower Ideas: Tips to welcome your little one

Most of the parents-to-be share the same feelings when their baby is coming: happy, excited, and worried. But you and your spouse are not the only ones who are excited about your baby. Your whole family and friends will also want to welcome your little one to this world. Traditionally, a Baby Shower party before the baby’s birth will help your family and friends to express their excitement to your baby. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your bonds. So if you are expecting a baby this fall, here are some baby shower ideas for you.

A Virtual Baby Shower Will Be Great

As we are still dealing with the roaring Covid-19 pandemic, it would be really troublesome to gather all the guests for a big party. You should aim for a smaller party with family members and some close friends, but live-streaming the party or make it a video call so that guests who can’t be there can say hello and join in person.

 Virtual Baby Shower

Provide Your Guests A Gift Registry for Your Baby Shower

Gifts for the mom-to-be and her baby are an irreplaceable part of any baby shower.  While it’s natural to let the guests decide their own gifts, you can always provide them a gift registry of what you and your little one will need. Cribs, strolls, or toys are really nice, but diapers and baby clothes are a must-have on this list as you will need a lot of them. 

You may also suggest to your friends and relatives where should they buy their gifts in case you have your favorite brands. And if you don’t, we strongly recommend you check out BabyOutlet. They have several kinds of essentials for both mothers and children that you will surely love. Their goods have great quality and are very affordable. Moreover, their fall baby clothes are now live with a variety of designs and styles to choose from.

cute baby outfit

Decorate Your Party With Pumpkins

There are several themes that you can pick for a fall party and pumpkins are among the greatest. Not only are pumpkins a mainstay of every fall season they’re also a perfect decor theme for a baby shower. Moreover,  “Pumpkin” is also one of the cutest and most popular nicknames for a baby. Spread the pumpkins in columns then as stickers, cardboards, and twinkle lights on them. This will create a warm and rustic theme and it will absolutely fit the fall season.

For a gender reveal, you may try dipping real or faux pumpkins in blue or pink paint to show off the gender of the upcoming bundle of joy. If you already have a nickname reserved for your baby, decorate the biggest pumpkin with glitter initial for their name. Hang this pumpkin on your front door so the guess will know they’ve come to the right place

baby  pumpkins

Go For The Seasonal Food

When you think of fall, some great food likely comes to mind. Skip generic food for all seasons and deck out this autumn baby shower with the foods of fall. You can try different kinds of cakes, candies, rolls, cookies, and much more. That said, apple pie is a MUST for fall. Make them baby-sized by going for mini apple hand pies instead. Guests can walk around and mingle while eating this tasty treat. Remember to provide a wide array of toppings, like cheese, green onions, and sour cream so that everyone can pick their favorites food combination.

Fall Baby Shower Foods

Don’t Forget The Games!

Playing games is a classic part of any Baby Shower and it helps to strengthen your bonds with your loved ones. As we’re doing a fall-themed party, opt for activities that are inspired by the season. For example, you can pick up a pack of plain white bibs and have guests draw fall items or Halloween costumes on them as a group gift for the parents. If you want a game that could have a lucky guest win a prize, go for a “how many pumpkins are in this jar” game with candy pumpkins.

The Bottom Line

Preparing a baby shower can take some work. But if done well, can make the day an unforgettable memory that’s worth the effort. We hope that our tips will help you organizing the perfect party to welcome the upcoming bundle of joy. If you have any questions or interesting ideas that you want to share, feel free to drop a comment for us!