How to Dress a Newborn in Summer

How to Dress a Newborn in Summer

Summer is coming and it is time for fun outdoor activities with your family! However, letting your baby spend time under the sun without suitable outfits might not be a good idea. Whether it is overheating, dehydration or sunburn, many things can happen if your newborn baby is not dressed appropriately during hot summer days.

Tips For How to Dress a Newborn in Summer 

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you choose the right types of clothes for your newborn baby in summer.

Look for Signs of Discomfort

Remember to always check your baby for overheating when staying outside in summer. Some of the easy-to-notice signs are warm skin, heat rash, irritability, and tiredness.

Parents know their own child best, so it is not that difficult to notice if their children are uncomfortable. According to research, moms can quickly get used to reading their child’s comfort levels and are able to tell when their baby is too hot or too cold. So, believe in your instinct, and it will help your newborn avoid both outdoor and indoor issues like heatstroke in summer.

Always Look for Shade

When it is getting too hot or sunny outside, keep your baby in the shade so they can stay cool asap. In case there is no shade available, you can use an umbrella or other items to block the sunlight. However, make sure you do not cover the stroller with a blanket. It’s dangerous! Also, according to the FDA, sunscreen is only ok to use on babies older than 6 months old.

Additionally, if you’re on the beach or somewhere to soak up some vitamin D, just put on a netted cap or sunhat on your baby to protect their heads and eyes.

Cotton Baby Onesie

Cotton-made onesies are the most common outfit for all newborn babies. They can be worn alone for tummy time in the park or simply act as an extra layer. Cotton onesies not only offer more breathability in summer but also easy to put on and go well with other clothes.

Skirts and Shorts for Girls

If you have a little girl, cotton or seersucker baby girl shorts & skirts are probably the best baby girl outfit in summer. Also, these clothes usually come with a lightweight matching pair of bloomers to cover her diaper. So, feel free to let your little baby girl wear it with a diaper.

Don’t Forget the Indoors Outfits

Summer is not only about spending time outdoors. If your newborn baby is going indoors, make sure they are dressed for cooler temperatures especially when we all use air conditioners in summer. In fact, sometimes the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature is significant during the hottest summer months. So, it’s always a good idea to keep a lightweight sweater or even a thin blanket around. Plus, a lightweight sleeper or jumpsuit is also a great option for indoor activities.

Baby Clothes for Bedtime 

No matter what season it is, always remember that you are dressing your newborn baby for the climate inside the house, not the outside. Therefore, if your apartment is a bit cold, then dress your baby in a long-sleeved onesie sleeper or cover them in a blanket for bedtime. On the other hand, if it is warmer, simply dress your baby in something lighter.

What Does a Baby Need in Summer? 

Deciding how many and what types of clothes your baby needs for summer can be quite tricky. So, here is our list of baby summer clothes for you:

  •  8-10 bodysuits with short and long sleeves
  •  2-3 sliders
  •  6-8 vests
  •  1 romper or suit made of warm fabric for cool weather
  •  3-4 rompers from light fabric
  •  2 caps/hats
  •  3 pairs of booties or socks (both warm and thin)
  •  2 bibs

Before buying clothes for babies, you have to carefully read the composition of the fabric. All fabrics should be 100% natural cotton or linen. Synthetics can not only injure the baby’s delicate skin but also cause an allergic reaction. 

Besides, in order to prevent skin irritation, you should not buy things with lace, hard applications, and other decorations on a solid basis. Also, we recommend parents skip clothes that come with accessories like zippers or hooks. No matter how good it looks on your baby, these accessories might cause discomfort, especially in summer. On top of that, when buying clothes for your newborn in the summer, you need to choose products without seams (or seams out).

Let us know if you have any questions about how to dress a newborn in the summer in the comments!